Youth & Family Services

Including You supports and prepares young people with a disability who are exiting the child protection system/foster care system at 18 years of age.

We work in partnership with

  • Child Protection
  • Placement & Support area
  • Non Government Support Agencies
  • Schools
  • Counselors
  • Allied Health
  • Any other services which our service users are linked into

Independent living skills

Including you is able to teach independent living skills such as

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Engaging in volunteer work potentially leading to paid work
  • Linking into other services as required
  • General Support
  • requested to complete assessments of appropriate foster care placements of children with a disability
  • 1:1 training & education for carers

Parenting / routine

  • Provide structured parenting routines and skills.
  • Intensive role modeling & implementation of strategies with families