Support Coordination

Including You has a Support Coordination team who work full-time and includes 6 Specialist Support Coordinators. We do not have a wait list and we have capacity. In line with NDIS we  are funded through an NDIS plan to provide support to individuals and families to co ordinate and implement their plan. It is our goal to up skill service users to manage their plan in the future. Our job is:

  • To engage service providers for Direct Supports
  • To engage professionals for assessments and training to support the service user.
  • To create Service agreements between the service user and chosen service.
  • To explain the NDIS pricing guide and advise service user and family. Always looking at the overall finances for the service user and the best bang for the buck.
  • To assist the service user and their family , how to problem solve issues that might present.
  • To educate service users and families their responsibilities under a service agreement.
  • To change or amend a service agreement.
  • When requested by NDIS we provide a 8 week report and a 9 month report to inform NDIS what has worked and what hasn’t. This includes preparing the service users for their next NDIS plan review.
  • A collaborative approach driven by the service user and their family.

Specialist Knowledge

NDIS: Including you was part of the roll out of the NDIS in the North Eastern Region. Having contributed and invested in knowing the NDIS service system and being able to best support those new or long term service users and families into the scheme.

Hospital/Rehabilitation Discharge: Working collaboratively with hospitals and rehabilitation centres across Victoria, supporting the transition and exit from these services to their home with a collaborative planning approach.

Child Protection: Understanding how to use the NDIS supports with Child Protection involvement, along with the expertise and knowledge of both service systems.

Adult and Child Justice System: We work with both Justice systems providing expert knowledge and practice, this includes having a specialist team of Direct Support Workers that are able to work within the jail system or those exiting jail into the community.

Trauma: Understanding the impact untreated trauma has on individuals, their behaviour and the way they lead their lives.

Mental Health: Understanding and knowledge of the mental health system and its impact on the NDIS and the Service User. A number of our Direct Support staff have experience in delivering supports to service users with mental health  issues.