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The sitemap is designed to help you better locate in an accessible and user friendly format the section of the Including You website that you wish to visit. We understand that at various times while searching our website, the exact topic you are searching for may not be apparent and therefore provide this format to better assist you in your search and make all pages on the website and all topics currently available, readily accessible to you. Above, you will find the sitemap of all content with a brief description for your convenience. If for whatever reason, you are still unable to locate a topic that you are searching for on our website, please feel free to contact us with your enquiry or any feedback about how we can make your experience on our website easier and more user friendly for you to navigate. All feedback will be relayed to the director of Including You and to the web designers in a prompt and timely manner in order to make the appropriate and relevant changes. We value all feedback about our services and our website as a way to further improve your overall experience with us. Please feel free to click on the highlighted links above to direct you to the relevant pages and/or feedback/enquiry forms.