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Welcome to the Including You staff portal. This page holds all staff policies, procedures and recommended resources.


Code of Conduct Policy



This policy affirms Including You’s belief in responsible social and ethical behaviour from all employees. This policy clarifies the standards of behaviour that Including You expects of all employees.



Our employees contribute to the success of our organisation and that of our Clients. Including you fully endorse that all employees are not deprived of their basic human rights.

Furthermore, our employees have an obligation to the Business, our Clients and themselves to observe high standards of integrity and fair dealing. Unlawful and unethical business practices undermine employee and Client trust.



Our Code of Conduct policy applies to all employees and provides the framework of principles for conducting business, dealing with other employees, Clients and suppliers. The Code of Conduct does not replace legislation and if any part of it is in conflict, then legislation takes precedence. This policy is based on the following:

  • Act and maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism
  • Be responsible and scrupulous in the proper use of Company information, funds, equipment and facilities
  • Be considerate and respectful of the environment and others
  • Exercise fairness, equality, courtesy, consideration and sensitivity in dealing with other employees, clients and suppliers
  • Avoid apparent conflict of interests, promptly disclosing to an Including You senior manager, any interest which may constitute a conflict of interest
  • Promote the interests of Including You
  • Any employee whose actions bring Including You into disrepute will be subject to instant dismissal
  • Perform duties with skill, honesty, care and diligence
  • Abide by policies, procedures and lawful directions that relate to your employment with Including You and/or our Clients
  • Avoid the perception that any business transaction may be influenced by offering or accepting gifts
  • Under no circumstance may an employee enter into a personal relationship with a Client or Parent of a client of Including You whilst under the employ of Including You. This will result in investigation and if founded, dismissal.
  • Under no circumstances may employees offer or accept money
  • Any employee, who in good faith, raises a complaint or discloses an alleged breach of the Code, whilst following correct reporting procedures, will not be disadvantaged or prejudiced. All reports will be dealt with in a timely and confidential manner.

Including you expects co-operation from all employees in conducting themselves in a professional, ethical and socially acceptable manner of the highest standards.

Any employee in breach of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination.

Should an employee have doubts about any aspect of the Code of Conduct, they must seek clarification from Management.

This policy will be regularly reviewed by Including You and any necessary changes will be implemented by Senior Management.

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