On the 2nd of July Belinda attended a conference at the Hilton in Sydney presented by Irabina Autism Services.  It featured Dr Temple Grandin, the worlds most recognised and accomplished adult living with Autism and Tim Sharp, artist and creator of “Laser Beak Man”.

Belinda described hearing Temple speak as living proof of success.   She is amazingly successful, talented and clever.

Tim and his Mum Judy told their story, including overcoming incredible negativity from medical professionals when Tim was first diagnosed.  Tim is a truly gifted artist.

Both Temple and Tim use their Autism to make their living, they are successful and great leaders.  This sadly, is not often the message that we hear about Autism.  Hopefully their message reaches far and wide….

Check out Temple at http://www.templegrandin.com/

Check out Tim at http://www.laserbeakman.com/