On a cold Melbourne Saturday in June nine Including You staff warmed up with CPR and first aid training!!

Frank from Vic First Aid was an amazing teacher –  he had us sweating over our dummies while we pumped and breathed life into them, had us laughing at some amusing first aid anecdotes and had us reflecting on how important these skills are in our every day life.  The fun fact I found most interesting was that paramedics only do CPR an average of 1.3 times per year! This is because bystanders are most often the first responders – a clear indication of how valuable knowing CPR is!!

It was a great opportunity for the 9 of us from IY to get together and learn a bit about each other as so much of our work is 1:1 with our service users.

A big thanks to Frank and the team at Vic First Aid.  It really was an excellent day!