Equal pay for equal work?

Finally!! Even the acknowledgement, that a worker working for $4.50 per hour is being discriminated against can only be viewed as a positive affirmation for the future direction of disability. A society that allows its workers to be paid at such a rate can hardly be labelled inclusive.

Let Them Eat Cake

I know a man who at one stage of his life worked for $5 per day working as manual labour. He would often come home without a cent at the end of the week because his employer would every afternoon, bring around the coffee cart  and, the cost of a coffee and slice of cake would be exactly $5.The employer was in effect paying the workers with cake and coffee.  Employees capable of performing their work for an employer should all be paid equally. The up-skilling of all people through tertiary education, apprenticeships and relevant courses to achieve a nationally accredited certificate and then, on to paid employment where all workers receive an equal fair pay. The very idea that anyone could survive in today’s financial minefield of ever rising prices on such a paltry sum is indeed unfathomable. The disability pension is hardly a golden goose and the notion held by a few that somehow when combined with $4.50 per hour leads to the lifestyle of the rich and the famous is folly.

Reform Needed

Where is the drive for true social and economic freedom for all? Education, training, equal employment for equal pay. The ability to work for a living and not receive a disability pension. To have the ability to choose where you live and with whom you live. To have the same freedoms and standing in society that are afforded to all. Well done to the human rights commission.

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